Why Choose Us

You’ve made the decision to improve your vision and your life through LASIK correction. How do you decide who should perform your treatment? Here is what sets Dr. Pilkinton and all of Pilkinton Eye Center apart: 

Dr. Pilkinton trained at one of the country’s premier ophthalmological institutions. In fact, he trained directly with the physician who was responsible for bringing lasers into medicine. Few physicians have this kind of direct experience working with the leaders of ground breaking treatments.

The laser is an incredible medical tool. But it is just that—a tool. Dr. Pilkinton’s up-close training, as well as skill with lasers through hundreds of procedures singles him out among LASIK practitioners. Additionally, since Dr. Pilkinton owns his lasers, he’s intimately familiar with their best use. He uses these lasers for every LASIK treatment, unlike many practitioners who only rent a laser when necessary.

Pilkinton Eye Center has 40 years of experience in refractive eye surgery. This means that we’ve handled the easiest, as well as the most complex vision problems. The majority of them with successful results.

Since Dr. Pilkinton is a medical physician specializing in refractive eye surgery, he can provide solutions out of reach of other LASIK practitioners. If it’s found that you cannot benefit from LASIK, Dr. Pilkinton can often improve your vision through other procedures.

Finally, the entire staff at Pilkinton Eye Center is deeply concerned with your well-being. Patient care is our utmost priority. We not only want you to have the best vision possible, we want your entire experience with us to be a positive one.


Some experiences are larger than life. Why not let Lasik show you every glorious detail?