Vision Problems

There are four basic types of refractive eye problems:


– nearsightedness


– farsightedness


– cornea lacks a uniform, round surface


– losing the ability to focus as we age

Here you can learn about each of these eye problems and what LASIK can do for each.

Myopia or Nearsightedness

With a myopic eye there is too much focusing power. Light passes through the eye and falls in front of the retina due to the excessive curvature of the cornea. This excessive curvature is referred to as being too “steep.” People with this abnormality are nearsighted because objects seen at a distance are blurred, while nearby objects can be seen clearly.

With LASIK, Dr. Pilkinton reshapes the cornea or “flattens” it to allow light to focus on the retina, instead of in front of it.

Hyperopia or Farsightedness

A hyperopic eye has weak focusing power. When light passes through the eye, it falls off behind the retina because the cornea is flat and cannot properly focus the light. This is called “farsightedness” because people are able to focus on objects far away rather than nearby.

With LASIK, Dr. Pilkinton reshapes the cornea to “steepen” it so that light focuses on the retina instead of behind it.


Astigmatism is very common and is often present in people with myopia or hyperopia. An eye with astigmatism means that the cornea lacks a uniform, round surface; normal corneas are round like baseballs, astigmatic corneas are elongated, like footballs. When light enters the eye, the rays are distorted which results in blurring vision.

With LASIK, Dr. Pilkinton reshapes the cornea to give it a more uniform surface.


As we age, we slowly lose the ability to change focus from distance to near. This common, gradual process becomes noticeable in our mid-forties. This condition is called presbyopia and it makes close-up work or reading difficult.

However, there is a correction option available for people who are myopic or hyperopic. Please refer to the Blended Vision section in FAQs on this site for more information.




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