Excimer Laser


How does the laser in LASIK surgery work?

A laser is a cold beam of light produced when two gases are mixed. The light it produces is cold. This leaves the tissue surrounding the treated tissue unaffected. Additionally, the laser is very precise. It can remove even a few molecular layers at a time.

Enhancing all of this is the ability to control the laser by computer. This is where Dr. Pilkinton’s experience is so crucial. It takes a surgeon who truly understands how to properly re-shape the cornea and then translate this diagnosis of the eye into the best LASIK treatment.

Dr. Pilkinton, having trained where the first Laser Vision Correction procedure in North America was performed has un-matched experience in determining the proper diagnosis as well as using LASIK in treatment.

Which laser is best for LASIK?

You might have heard about different lasers used in LASIK. Here is what you should know.

Many surgeons have lasers brought in to their offices on an as-needed basis. So, for them, every instrument is just a bit different from the one they used last. Our laser is stationary in our ambulatory surgery treatment center licensed for laser vision correction. This allows us to maintain strict environmental control with proper temperature and humidity ensuring optimum conditions for each procedure.

Since he works with the laser daily, Dr. Pilkinton knows the nuances of his laser and is able to make the best use with it—giving your eyes the very best vision possible.

Additionally, Dr. Pilkinton has worked with medical lasers for years. In fact, he trained with the physician who first used lasers for vision correction procedures.




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