Innovative New Lens

Nearly 22 million Americans age 40 and older are affected by cataracts, a progressive condition that causes blurred vision, double vision and a reduction in color perception. Many people opt to have a painless, noninvasive procedure to remove and replace the cataract with a new lens. However, the majority of patients undergoing this standard treatment suffer from negative dysphotopsia, better known as the permanent shadow effects associated with cataract implants.

To resolve this common shadow or halo effect, Dr. Pilkinton designed a new and innovative lens that addresses those unwanted reflections and reduces the need for postoperative eyeglasses. The new lens, called the Softec HD Oval (HDO) Intraocular Lens, is different in size and shape from implants traditionally used in cataract surgery. Dr. Pilkinton designed the lens to be 30 percent larger with a first-of-its-kind oval-shaped center, making it the largest one-piece foldable optic on the market. The design improvement in size means greater coverage over the patient’s pupil resulting in clearer vision. The design improvement in shape allows doctors to tightly customize the lens to the patient reducing the dependency on postoperative distance eyeglasses.

Since its 2012 FDA approval, the Softec HDO lens has significantly improved the quality of life for hundreds of patients across the country who no longer have to live with negative dysphotopsia. Dr. Pilkinton’s innovative lens design continues to be a remarkable solution to a common problem.



The new Softec HD Oval lens designed by Dr. Pilkinton to be 30 percent larger eliminates negative dysphotopsia in most cataract patients.