Insurance Coverage for Most Accurate Cataract Surgery (MACS)

As with any cataract surgery, there is a deductible (usually $200) that needs to be covered by you or your co-insurance carrier. After that, Medicare covers almost all of any cataract lens and procedure, whether using a basic monofocal lens and procedure or a more advanced MACS lens and procedure.

There may be some additional charges for the MACS procedure, which will be determined by your doctor based on your initial consultation, if you have astigmatism, and decisions about specific MACS testing, eye measurements, and diagnostic work. In most practices, between 60% and 80% of cataract patients choose a MACS lens and procedure.

Affordable financing options for any portion not covered by insurance are available through CareCredit.

To help you determine which combination of technologies and coverage provides the best value for you, see our Technology Comparison.




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