Eye Measurement

Eye Measurements

We do more than take the two standard measurements required for Medicare reimbursement: one axial length reading (from the front of the cornea to the retina) and one keratometry reading, known as K reading (measures average curvature of the cornea).

Remember that eyes are like fingerprints, in that no two are alike. They’re filled with many complex structures that can have their own unique shape and size. So a doctor only taking two measurements for cataract surgery would be like having a tailor only measure your height and waist for a suit: the fit might not be right.

With Most Accurate Cataract Surgery (MACS), your doctor will take many more important measurements to provide a more accurate determination of both the lens power that’s right for you and exactly where in your eyes your replacement lenses shoud be implanted.

Some MACS measurements are covered by Medicare. As a part of the initial consultation, your doctor will help determine exactly what is covered, based on your individual circumstances. Learn more about insurance coverage.




Exercise, a good diet, and a Diabetic Eye Evaluation are three good ways to avoiding retina damage due to diabetic retinopathy. Ask for details about having the evaluation.